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Pip is Deaf, he also builds great web sites. In this age of Mobile, instant chat, we deaf people have a difficult time of it?  Really? Not so, not any more.

Now We have ‘Skype’ , ‘line’ ,‘Instant messaging’, and ‘e mail’ so much more for us to use than even just 10 years ago.     

Pip builds great web sites, gathers the information from you via email,messages,and all in written word only.                                     Thanks to call by  .Pip Hodge, Thailand

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website design,made easy for deaf people,by a deaf Web designer!


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Hi My name is Pip, I was made deaf in 1944 by the V2 rockets in London. I was an avionics engineer for over 30 years. I worked for BAE systems,Boeing,Lockheed, Matra, Airbus industries,and Euro control air traffic systems in Paris.

Later,with a deep love of skiing, for over 17 years I owned  my own ski Hotel.I was also a qualified ski instructor.

I now live in Thailand where I build website’s for people all over the globe. Looking forward to helping you build a great website, FAST,and personal.

It can all be done by e mail, easy and reliable, no mistakes,all by the written word only! We both have A full record of the sites progress and history

Although most of my work is for deaf people, I have made many sites for hearing people. They have soon realized the benefits of communication via e mail.

I only take on work can complete within a  reasonable time scale. Mostly I never have more that three sites on the go, This keeps it personal, and you the client, happy.






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Compatible all smart phones  /iPhones / IPads


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