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3 page Desktop sites




Loads of themes for every situation. (See list below)




     Either $140


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Compatible all smart phones  /iPhones / IPads see sample sites



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3 page Mobile sites


  e mail us here          with  the following Information:

  * Your sites theme                                                                                   see sample list >

  *  Any logos or pictures for your site

  * Your Main text/story/sales/information that would go on your first (Home) page

  *  Any ideas, maybe a site you have seen to be similar,send me that link (for reference only).

  *  Tell us if  you want   a mobile site or   a desk top site

       In less than one day we will make your sample of your site and e mail you the link to view your  sample site online

       The site will have an address link as this (this is for viewing only)

       Take a look at the sample and if you are happy, then go ahead and order your full site and using the sample as a base to start..



Design Themes, a huge choice

* Auto / Transportation

* Business / Finance

* Creative / Design   

* E-commerce / Products/insurance

* Education/schools/kindergarden

* Food / Restaurant /wine bars

* Health / Beauty/massage/spa  

* Miscellaneous / Other

* Music & Entertainment/photography

* Non-profit / Religion/care/help aged

* Personal / Family /blog/wedding

* Pets / Animals /vets/care

* Photography / Art  

* Real Estate/banks/commerce

* Sports / Recreation/ski/golf/racing

* Travel / Hotels/guest house etc

All tailored to your personal requirements

   Then, We will make you  a sample of your site FREE                        No obligation at all

   We will make a sample of your proposed  site FREE